Martin Spließ - best for PUR
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The best way to succeed,
is the continuous improvement
of the internal production processes!

Do you use PUR adhesive?
If so, do you apply the PUR adhesive with rollers?
If so, you can save time and money with my invention.

My name is Martin Spliess, I am a bookbinder and the inventor of the Best for PUR-unit and I would like to introduce my invention to you. Bookbinders that apply the PUR adhesives with rollers must clean the adhesive system after work. This is not necessary with my invention any more.

Martin Spließ

This is how easy it is with my invention:

To date, I‘ve sold 28 Best for PUR-units worldwide (01/2016), all users are very satisfied. With the Best for PUR-unit you can preserve the PUR adhesive and can use it the next day like new PUR adhesive. The longest preservation time amounted up to now 72 hours. The PUR adhesive was used as if it had just been filled in. Please, read my flyer and take a look at my German clip (please click on the YouTube button). If you have any questions send me an email, I am very happy to help you. I wish you a lot of success and a good time.